Excel, London 27th February to 1st March

Come and see AVATUS the latest and most exciting sound desk from Stage Tec to date. It’s modular, IP-based and a revelation in forward-thinking design.
Look out for JLCooper’s latest developments including video switcher control for Blackmagic Design ATEM and some very interesting news from QSC.
We are looking forward to seeing you and welcoming you to our stand F30. 
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First UK Showing of Stage Tec’s AVATUS

AVATUS is an IP-based console for broadcast, theatre and live sound applications. Intuitive to use, all of its operational mixer functions, including EQ and dynamics are controlled by a combination of touchscreens and a bank of rotary encoders while routing and other mixer functions are accessed through the 21″ touchscreens.
To make identification quick and easy, the operator can allocate any colour to each of the console’s various functions; inputs, outputs, VCA’s, EQ etc and the fader and rotary controls will adopt these colours as the workflow progresses.
You can find out more about AVATUS here www.aspen-media.com/stage-tec-avatus.
AVATUS offers much to make the mouth water and we’re lucky to have Alex Nemes, Head of Sales at Stage Tec, on hand to put it through its paces. Get your juices flowing, email touch@aspen-media.com to book your personal demonstration.

ATEM Video Switcher, Viz Mosart and Q-Sys Control

JLCooper, the company that wants to make your life easier. Hmmm you’re thinking, but how many times have you wanted to sling your mouse and keyboard out the window because they’re just not quick or sensitive enough? Enter JLCooper with low cost hardware that will save time and effort while delivering the results you want.
Compact Proton and ion provide fast video switcher control for Blackmagic ATEM and studio control system Viz Mosart users find the Eclipse MXL fader panel control effortless compared with the on-screen virtual faders.
Hot off the press is the news that QSC is launching a new Plugin for its Q-SYS 7.0 release. It offers compatibility for Eclipse MXL and MXL2 audio control. Get your fingers on those faders. www.aspen-media.com/jlcooper-eclipse-mxl-midnight
If slo-mo is important SloMo Mini will work for you. It can control four machines, has a high-quality T-bar and optical jog mechanism and can handle both hardware and software applications including AJA Ki Pro, Ki Pro Rack, Ki Pro Ultra, Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio and most professional RS-422 VTRs, servers and file based video recorders. There’s now a USB version that’s an essential for Dalet Brio and vMIX.
If you’re after an easy life visit stand F30 and see how JLCooper can alleviate all of your stress. www.aspen-media.com/products/jlcooper

And Finally…

We’d love to see you at BVE but if you can’t be there and want to find out about any of the products we supply, please email touch@aspen-media.com or telephone 01296 681313. We look forward to hearing from you.