Broadcast audio distributor Aspen Media is proud to present AVATUS, the new sound desk from its German supplier Stage Tec, at BVE 2018 in February.

AVATUS is an IP-based modular audio mixing console designed for broadcast, theatre and live sound applications. All operational mixer functions, including EQ and dynamics, are controlled by Stage Tec AVATUSa combination of touchscreens and a bank of rotary encoders. Routing and other mixer configurations are accessed through the 21” touchscreens. Any area of the flexible control surface may be assigned as required, to be the master or monitor sections and then returned to channel functionality maximising the number of channel control strips for a given console size.

To make identification quick and easy, the user can allocate any colour to each of the console‘s various logical functions – inputs, outputs, groups, VCAs, EQ, dynamics, etc. and the faders and other controls will adopt these colours as the workflow progresses.

Communicating via standard TCP/IP Ethernet networks, AVATUS can be remotely controlled using a standard web browser on a PC, Mac or tablet connected via LAN or Wi-Fi allowing the control surfaces to access centralised core processing, run scene automation remotely and call up and store snapshots.

AVATUS is available with between 12 and 96 channel strips and can provide over 800 input channels and 128 sum buses in formats ranging from mono to 7.1. It is directly compatible with all major audio networking protocols, including AES67, Ravenna and Dante.