The sun may be shining and the birds singing but…

…that’s not what’s making us smile, oh no. What gets us up in the morning is the latest exciting news from our suppliers.

JLCooper has added some very interesting new products to its list, DirectOut is shipping a brand new SRC that’s just perfect for the festival season and Jünger Audio is very keen for you to hear about an all-important update to its voice processor.

Now if you want a good reason to smile today, I suggest you read on.

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JLCooper Keeps Its ion the Prize and Revisits an Old Friend

Blackmagic ATEM users looking for fast video switching in live events without breaking the bank will have their dreams come true with the new low cost ion switcher controller from JLCooper.

With a smaller footprint and far lower cost than other ATEM controllers, ion is destined to be a boon for weary ATEM
operators. Both ion and its sister product, the hugely popular Proton ATEM switcher controller, are compatible with ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K, ATEM 1 and 2 M/E Production Studio 4K, ATEM 1 and 2 M/E Production Switcher, and ATEM Television Studio. Find out more about ion here and Proton

Those who remember how quick and easy it used to be controlling Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Premiere Pro, Pro Tools and lots more with the dear departed JLCooper MCS3 workstation controller, will be ecstatic when they hear about the MCS6 USB. With a smart new enclosure and the same buttons and jog/shuttle as the MCS3, Mac users, it’s time to get excited. For VTR control there’s an RS422 version as well.

DirectOut Ships Latest SRC and Issues an ANDIAMO Series Update

DirectOut is now shipping the MADI.9648 a bidirectional MADI sample rate converter for converting 128 channels between 44.1/48 kHz and 88.2/96 kHz MADI formats in Live sound systems. It creates flexibility when connecting playback recording and front-of house sound desks whatever the sample rates being used.

MADI.9648 is simplicity itself with no controls and no setup. All MADI format parameters are auto-detected and the unit self-configures accordingly and at just 1U it’s the perfect fit in OB trucks.

New to the DirectOut ANDIAMO series is a 4-way mix-bus that can be used for a multitude of applications such as creating clean feeds, monitor mixes, mixed comms feeds, recording outputs etc. The mix-bus facility is enabled on all ANDIAMO and ANDIAMO 2 models by installing firmware version 6.4 or above and is controlled by ANDIAMO Remote v:3.1 for Windows or v:0.78 for OSX.

Jünger Audio Enhances Its Voice Processor

The Jünger D*AP4 VAP EDITION is a dual mono or stereo voice audio processor for sports commentary, continuity, voice over, radio and audio post production; built to ensure the best vocal quality and consistency. It can be used for standalone voice processing or to provide automatic or manual mixing of voice and program signals.

The latest revision from Jünger is to the optional Level Magic 2 loudness licence for program bus processing. This now includes the 5-band equalizer and Jünger’s highly regarded dynamics processing that come as standard with the D*AP4 LM EDITION and D*AP8 TAP EDITION. In addition, the Level Magic 2 processor now includes two stages: the pre-conditioning Leveller prior to the voice over mix stage and the Level Magic 2 Loudness processor for the final mix.

These powerful developments make the D*AP4 VAP EDITION a fully comprehensive commentary and continuity processor and Tx/Mix Loudness processor.

If you’ve already bought the licence this is your lucky day as the update is available as a free download.

D*AP4 VAP EDITION voice channels incorporate Jünger’s Spectral Signature algorithm, which analyses the incoming voice signal and dynamically applies EQ to match a pre-defined reference voice. The standard I/O on the VAP is AES (2 channel, 1 port) but an expansion slot is available for 8-channel AES; 4-channel line level analogue I/O, MADI, Dante or 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O.

E-mail today for a demonstration.

And Finally…

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