BVE is the largest broadcast show in the UK and it opens its doors again at Excel in London’s Docklands on 23rd until 25th February. So whether you use the diary on your phone or you’ve just received the free one from your pet food supplier, now’s the time to get those BVE dates down.
Aspen Media will be bringing a whole host of Audio-over-IP products to the show so if that’s the way you’re heading make a point of coming to see us on stand G30.
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UK First For Networked-Audio Monitoring Controller & Pre-amp

NIO 0204 from DELECNIO 0204 from DELEC will have its first UK outing at Excel in February and we can’t wait to show it off.

NIO 0204 connects directly to any Dante equipped system and provides monitoring to loudspeakers or headphones. Microphones for voice over, continuity or commentary can be connected to its high quality 32-bit mic inputs and the spare analogue or digital IO may be connected to other local sources such as portable or installed media players for local audition, or ingest to the central system via the return Dante connection.

NIO 0204 is amazingly flexible and doesn’t take up loads of space on the desk. It’s perfect for facilities, production or broadcast providers that perhaps use centralised computing or processing, where it will sit alongside a KVM connected computer display, keyboard and mouse and provide monitoring to local loudspeakers or headphones, while the Dante connection pre-sets allow rapid reselection of the workstation being monitored.

And naturally, it’s a doddle to set up using the web browser.

Junger D*AP8 Tap Edition Delivers Plenty Of Powerful Processing

D*AP8 TAP EDITIOND*AP8 TAP EDITION is Jünger’s most advanced audio processor to date and gives you an awful lot for your money; 8 channels of processing for a kickoff catering for 5.1+2, 4 stereo or 8 mono channels. Unrivalled loudness management that’s simple to set up and optional loudness logging. Also included is Junger’s renowned Spectral Signature dynamic EQ for matching vocal “footprint”.

D*AP8 TAP EDITION can also be part of your AoIP network using the optional Dante interface.

There’s a choice of Dolby modules that can be internally fitted; a decoder, which caters for Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus formats and two encoder modules, one generates a Dolby E stream and the other covers Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and AAC and HE-AAC audio formats.

AESid comes as standard I/O but TAP has two option slots to cater for SDI (SD/HD/3G), AES3 or analogue environments. The dual redundant PSUs with auto failover are a reassuring necessity.
All in all, I think you’ll agree D*AP8 TAP EDITION is a pretty comprehensive 1U rack’s worth.

Montone, The River That Flows Into The Province Of Ravenna

DirectOut MONTONE.42Romantic isn’t it but what has this got to do with a BVE newsletter featuring Audio-over-IP you ask?

DirectOut MONTONE.42 is a MADI to RAVENNA bridge (see where we’re going?) between up to four MADI streams and two Gigabit network ports.
MONTONE.42 lets the broadcast engineer directly assemble multiple output streams in a fully transparent and compatible IP format directly from MADI audio channels. The unit can also, simultaneously and if required, extract AoIP audio channels from the network and route them elsewhere in the facility as specific MADI channels.

It has a full internal routing matrix which allows any audio channel in an incoming MADI or RAVENNA stream to be re-embedded in any outgoing MADI or RAVENNA stream.

Clever those DirectOut boys.

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