Project Description

Jünger Audio D*AP8 MAP Audio Monitoring Processor

A combined audio monitoring controller and loudness measurement system, intended for quality and compliance checking of stereo or 5.1 audio programme material. Rack-mounting (1U), with removable front panel for local or remote control; LAN port for full control via web browser.

  • Checks audio for compliance with EBU R128 loudness regulations
  • Generates alerts if pre-set loudness thresholds are exceeded
  • Loudness measurement over user-definable time periods
  • Integral monitoring controller for stereo/surround compatability checking
  • Stereo downmix generation from 5.1 programme
  • 8 channels permit 4 x 2ch or 5.1 + 2ch. operation
  • 4 x AES3 digital I/O
  • Expansion cards add additional I/O options:
    • de-embedding/embedding of 16-channel audio from SDI (SD/HD/3G)
    • 4 analogue inputs + 4 analogue outputs
    • 8 analogue outputs
    • 4 AES3 I/O channels
  • Dolby® metadata control
  • Optional internal Dolby® decoder for Dolby E/Dolby D (AC-3)/Dolby Digital plus
  • Removable front panel for ease of remote control
  • GUI control via web browser
  • GPI and GPO parallel ports
  • Wordclock input and output
  • 1U 19” unit


The D*AP8 MAP is a further component in Jünger’s range of audio loudness control products. It combines continuous loudness analysis with multichannel monitor control. It provides the broadcaster with a simple and self-contained unit which will continuously monitor the loudness parameters of up to eight audio channels simultaneously, and compare the results with thresholds pre-determined by the user. In the event of any thresholds being exceeded, the MAP will generate an alert, which can be in the form of GPO signals and/or SNMP traps which can convey the actual loudness value.

The eight channels can be used for 4 stereo pairs or 5.1 + stereo. Audio inputs and outputs are provided as four AES3id pairs as standard; with the appropriate options, audio may also be decoded from Dolby® E, Dolby D (AC-3) or Dolby Digital+ bitstreams. Several further I/O options are available (in the form of rear panel expansion cards): an SDI I/O card may be fitted which allows eight channels to be de-embedded from the sixteen channels contained within SD, HD or 3G serial video streams. A variable video delay is incorporated to compensate for the audio processing. The SDI interface also includes an embedder, for re-insertion of the audio post-analysis, or post metadata insertion. The unit includes a Dolby® metadata generator which provides similar functionality to the Dolby DP570 consumer decoder and allows the engineer to check the effect of the transmitted metadata on the audio.

Audio monitoring is also under the user’s control; a 2ch. downmix from the 5.1 programme is generated to permit stereo compatibilty checking. An optional 8-channel analogue output expansion card is available to permit direct connection to the monitoring loudspeaker system. Controls are provided for adjustment of audio monitoring level, and individual speakers may be muted or solo’d .

Control of the unit may be via LAN from any convenient browser application, or from the front panel controls. The panel itself is very low profile and may be physically removed and located in a convenient position remote from the processor if wished; this may be of particular benefit in OB vehicles and other situations where space is at a premium, or the unit’s placement in the programme signal path makes it more convenient from a wiring viewpoint for it to be installed elsewhere.

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