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Jünger Audio D*AP4 VAP EDITION

A DSP-based 2-channel voice processor designed specifically for broadcast applications, the Jünger D*AP4 VAP EDITION provides all the necessary tools for transparently integrating voice content with loudness-critical programme.

  • Filtering, dynamics, parametric EQ and de-essing
  • MS decoding and phase adjustment
  • Spectral Signature dynamic EQ for matching vocal “footprint”
  • Includes Ducker (e.g., for voiceover use); any source may be key input
  • AES3 I/O as standard
  • Optional dual high quality analogue mic preamp
  • Expansion slot for further I/O options:
    • 8-channel AES3 I/O
    • 4-channel line level analogue I/O
    • 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O
  • Optional X*AP removable front panel – can be used as Ethernet-linked remote control
  • GPI and GPO control ports
  • Optional 1U remote control panel
  • Wordclock input and output
  • Ethernet port for web browser control
  • USB port
  • Dual PSUs as standard

See also the entries for the Junger T*AP Television Audio Processor, which incorporates many of the processing algorithms used by the D*AP4 VAP EDITION.


The Jünger D*AP4 VAP EDITION Voice Processor is a two-channel “audio toolkit” containing all the processing elements necessary for effective treatment of voice signals in both radio and television broadcast environments. Of compact design, it is ideal for installation in on-air continuity suites, voiceover studios, post-production and OB vehicles.

The D*AP4 VAP EDITION’s signal processing elements are cascaded in conventional analogue-style sequence, and comprise: gain control, MS decoding, phase adjustment, de-essing, Spectral Signature?, dynamics and output level control. Additionally, any input may be assigned as the key input to a Ducker element, making voiceover operation simple to set up. Control of all functions is via a menu system on the unit’s front panel, a web browser interface via the rear panel Ethernet connector, or the optional X*AP RM1 remote control unit.

The D*AP4 VAP EDITION incorporates Jünger’s proprietary Spectral Signature algorithm. Spectral Signature analyses the incoming voice signal for spectral content and dynamically applies equalisation to match the signal to a pre-defined reference voice, ensuring consistency of overall audio character between different contributors.

I/O on the D*AP4 VAP EDITION is in balanced AES3 format as standard. Further I/O connectivity may be added in the form of optional modules: these include a 3G/HD/SD-SDI embedder/de-embedder card which allows the voice inputs to be added directly to an SDI stream, or SDI audio channels carrying speech to be processed or mixed with an M&E mix, and then re-embedded. Other I/O cards provide 8 channels of AES3 balanced digital audio or 4 channels of analogue audio. In addition, an optional dual mic pre amp may be fitted; phantom power is available at its inputs to permit the direct connection of studio quality condenser microphones.

The internal signal routing may be configured to process any of the audio channels present in the various input options, and also to utilise one of them in a “side-chain” mode to perform voiceover ducking.

The D*AP4 VAP EDITION incorporates a system of Presets to allow the engineer to store unit parameters; this can greatly improve workflow when working with several different voiceover artists, or remote correspondents. The unit’s networking capability allows Preset selection and/or unit configuration to be managed remotely.

The D*AP4 VAP EDITION’s front panel may be in the form of a removable remote control (the X*AP RM1); one panel can control up to four units of any type from Jünger’s *AP range. The unit may be ordered with or without the front panel.

In addition to the web browser and optional hardware panel, the unit’s main functions may be remotely controlled via the GPIO port, which can also be used for cough switches, signalisation or other purposes.

For maximum redundancy in an on-air environment, the D*AP4 VAP EDITION is fitted with two internal PSUs and two switched IEC mains connectors as standard.

Product Briefs

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Junger Audio D*AP4 VAP EDITION Quick Start Guide – PDF
Junger Audio D*AP4 VAP EDITION Manual – PDF
Junger Audio X*AP RM1 Control Panel Manual – PDF
Junger Audio Application Manager Software Manual – PDF

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