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Jünger Audio C8000 System

The Jünger C8000 is a rackframe and card system comprising DSP-based audio processors together with a wide range of I/O options. Any combination of modules can be fitted into frames of various sizes, resulting in a powerful and compact audio processing rack for broadcast applications such as OBs, acquisition, post-production and transmission control. The C8000 system is particularly geared to multichannel sound, and interfaces are available for SD & HD SDI (including 3G) and MADI as well as AES3 and analogue I/O.

Processing options include multichannel  loudness control (incorporating Jünger’s Level Magic 2 algorithm), channel shuffling, multichannel delay, 5.1 upmixing and Dolby D, D+ and E encoding and/or decoding.

Processing options:

  • 4, 8 or 16ch loudness control (Level Magic 2)
  • 8ch loudness control (Level Magic 2)
  • 8ch switch-over/ducking
  • 5.1 upmix
  • Mix matrix with limiting
  • 8ch delay
  • Dolby D/E decoder
  • Dolby E encoder
  • Dolby D/D+ encoder

Audio I/O options:

  • AES3
  • Analogue – mic or line level
  • SD, HD/SD and 3G SDI de-embedding
  • MADI

Frame and other options:

  • 1U rack with PSU for up to 6 modules
  • 3U single-sided rack with PSU for up to 19 modules33U double-sided rack with redundant PSUs for up to 35 modules
  • 1U GPIO hardware remote control unit
  • Remote control via web interface


The Jünger C8000 system comprises a range of audio modules designed specifically to simplify throughput in stereo and multichannel sound TV environments. C8000 modules are of three types: audio processing cards, I/O cards and control cards. Users may select the precise combination of cards that matches their operational requirements.

The modules use a standardised backplane comforming to the provisions of DIN41612 in terms of physical dimensions, connector type and power supply. The C8000 system includes various rack/PSU configurations which can accommodate from 6 to 35 modules (maximum number depending on module type). The high module density means a significant amount of audio processing occupies very little physical space, which is of great benefit in the latest broadcast centres or OB vehicles. User control is normally via a web interface. Alternatively, a dedicated hardware remote control panel is available, or the system can be controlled via third-party software such as VSM.

Each audio processing module uses its own, dedicated DSP elements. Although all internal signal handling is in the digital domain, inputs and outputs to and from the system may be in a variety of analogue and/or digital formats, to suit the broadcaster’s existing infrastructure.

The following processing modules will be of particular interest to broadcasters:

  • C8491 4, 8 or 16 channel loudness controller for SDI; incorporates Jünger’s Level Magic 2 algorithm with integral 3G/HD/SD-SDI de-embedder and embedder (separate I/O module not required)
  • C8601 Dolby D/E Decoder; decodes 8 channels from Dolby E or 5.1 from Dolby Digital bitstreams
  • C8611 Dolby E Encoder; generates a Dolby E bitstream from 5.1 + 2 inputs
  • C8612 Dolby D/D+ Encoder; generates AC3 (Dolby Digital) or Dolby Digital+ bitstreams from 5.1 + 2 audio, includes full metadata handling

Other processing options include:

  • C8082 8-channel switchover/ducking card
  • C8088 8 x 8 variable gain matrix
  • C8685 8-channel audio delay (up to 5.44 s)

Available audio I/O modules are:

  • 4ch. analogue line input cards, XLR* or Dsub connectors
  • 4ch. analogue line output cards, XLR* or Dsub connectors
  • 2ch. analogue line input/output card, XLR* connectors
  • 4ch. mic input card*
  • 4 x AES3 input/output card, Dsub or BNC connectors
  • MADI input/output card, BNC or optical interface
  • 8ch. SD SDI embedder/de-embedder
  • 8ch. and 16ch. HD/SD-SDI embedders/de-embedders
  • 16ch. HD/SD-SDI de-embedder/embedder with or without video delay

*Modules with XLR connectors are double width.

Frames for C8000 modules, with integral power supplies, are available in several sizes. The C8911 is a 1U frame which can accept up to six standard modules mounted horizontally. More modules can be accommodated by mounting them vertically in the 3U C8922 rack (19 standard modules) or the deeper 3U C8952 rack (35 standard modules loaded from both front and rear). Additionally, the C8942 frame is a dedicated 3U housing for up to 16 C8486 SDI loudness controller modules.

C8000 systems are completed by various master and sync cards. These include a 4-output wordclock distribution card which allows the C8000 to be used as the master sync source. Due to the high density design of the C8491, the C9042 frame includes 2 high power PSUs.

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