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JLCooper SloMo Mini

SloMo Mini is a very compact, professional Instant Replay Controller for up to four video players.

  • Controller for up to four video players
  • Controls, VTRs, DDRs, servers, etc. via standard RS-422 9-pin protocol
  • Small footprint – ideal for OB trucks, scoreboards, QC and transfer suites
  • Includes JLCooper’s Optical Jog control
  • Professional quality T-bar for SloMo speed and shuttle control
  • T-bar functions and operation programmable to suit user preference
  • Full set of transport controls
  • Keypad for cue entry
  • Can support up to 16 machines when used with JLCooper Gangway 16 expander
  • Stores 500 In and Out points with playback speed value varispeed
  • Log function for QC applications

The SloMo Mini is one of a broad JLCooper family of video replay and edit controllers.


The JLCooper SloMo Mini is a very compact, fully professional replay controller for up to four video sources – VTRs, DDRs or video servers. Up to 16 sources can be supported with the addition of the JL Cooper Gangway 16 expander interface. It is ideal for use in space-critical situations, such as OB trucks and other vehicles, scoreboard control, QC and transfer suites.

The SloMo Mini controls the source machines using standard 9-pin RS422 serial control. A 25-pin breakout control cable is supplied with the unit permitting immediate connection to four video machines. It is ideal for use with AJA KiPro, BlackMagic HyperDeck, Video Devices Pix 270i, FFV Micron/Omega and most video recording devices.

Machine control is via a standard set of transport buttons, plus a highly ergonomic Optical Jog Wheel, with a set of the most often used edit point buttons arranged around it. Assemble, Insert, Crash and Lock Out editing modes are supported. A large T-bar control sets play speed for SloMo and shuttle operation, and the controls also include a set of fast action function keys and a 2 x 16-character backlit LCD display.

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