Project Description

JLCooper MLA-10

The rackmounting MLA-10 overcomes the inherent 20m restriction in MIDI cable runs, converting MIDI data to a highly robust balanced signal that can be transmitted over 300m of CAT 5/6 twisted pair or conventional balanced audio cable.

The MLA-10 is equipped with four pairs of MIDI In/Out DIN connections and a 24-pin terminal strip for connection to the long-distance cable runs.

An MLA-10 or MLA-1 at the destination provides the matching four channels of bi-directional conversion returning the data to normal MIDI signals.

An alternative configuration is to send each send/receive data pair to different destinations, where the conversion to a single MIDI connection is made by an MLA-XLR.

The MLA-10 terminal strip also includes four DC connections to power remote MLA-1 units, which can therefore be conveniently located away from any mains power outlets in wallboxes or roof spaces.

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