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JLCooper ion

The JLCooper ion is an ultra-compact video switcher controller for live video production; provides hardware control of Blackmagic Design ATEM Live Production Switchers.

  • Very compact hardware control surface for all recent Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers, including 4K variants
  • Ideal for small OB vehicles; also sports, educational and corporate applications
  • Suitable for installation in flyaway packs or anywhere space is at a premium: only 2U high and less than 4 cm deep
  • Compatible with the following Blackmagic switchers:
    • ATEM Production Studio 4K
    • ATEM 1 and 2 M/E Production Studio 4K
    • ATEM 1 and 2 M/E Production Switcher
    • ATEM Television Studio
  • Replaces or supplements standard screen/mouse control
  • Simple control of almost all ATEM functions and parameters
  • Use on desktop, or mount in a 19” rack (rack ears available as accessory)
  • Large, illuminated source select buttons for Preview and Program buses
  • Source labels automatically appear on scribble strip• Preview/Program source buttons automatically remap to suit the number of inputs available in the switcher
  • 2 x 40-character LCD scribble strip automatically shows source idents
  • Mix, Dip, Wipe and Cut transitions
  • Precision Hall Effect T-bar with LED bargraph display of transition progress
  • Fade-to-black
  • Button colours are user-definable
  • “Host mode” allows TCP/IP or UDP control of OEM (non-Blackmagic) systems
  • External universal AC PSU supplied with unit

JLCooper’s Proton video switcher offers all the facilities of the ion in a larger control surface, plus a larger selection of wipe patterns, user-definable macros, a large multi-function control display and other features.


The JLCooper ion is an ultra-compact but fully-featured hardware video switcher control surface which provides a tactile alternative to software control with a keyboard/mouse combination.

The ion interfaces are directly compatible with the Blackmagic Design ATEM range of switchers. ion connects via Ethernet: with a network switch, a computer or Blackmagic Broadcast Panel running ATEM software can remain connected. Most of the switcher’s basic functions are accessible from ion, including source selection, wipes and cuts, and fade-to-black. The ion is compatible with the ATEM Production Studio 4K, ATEM 1 and 2 M/E Production Studio 4K, ATEM 1 and 2 M/E Production Switcher and ATEM Television Studio.

ion is extremely compact: it may be used as a desktop unit or mounted in a 19” rack (rack ears available as an accessory). It uses large, illuminated push-buttons, which may have their legends customised. Button illumination and the brightness of the 2 x 40-character LCD display are user-adjustable, ideal when in use in low ambient lighting conditions.

The Program and Preview buses each have eight source buttons; source labels appear immediately above, in the 2 x 40-character LCD display. The buttons automatically remap to match the number of inputs available in the switcher. Further buttons control the transitions, which may be either actioned manually with the precision T-bar, or automatically. The progress of both manual and automatic transitions are displayed on an LED bargraph.

ion supports a “Host Mode”, allowing software developers to integrate it into larger, OEM systems.

ion is powered from an external Universal PSU, supplied with the unit.

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