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JLCooper Eclipse MXL Midnight

8-fader audio controller with programmable alphanumeric LCD push-buttons; provides flexible hardware control of audio mixing in numerous audio software applications.

  • Hardware controller for audio mixing functions in audio software tools
  • Compatible with L-S-B Virtual Studio Manager, Peavey NWare, Sony ELC Enhanced Live Production Control, Viz Mosart Studio Automation
  • Available with USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-422 interfaces
  • Eight touch-sensitive, 100 mm motorised faders
  • Programmable LCD display button per channel: supports up to 32 characters and 64 colours (software dependent)
  • Aux, Solo and Mute illuminated push-buttons per channel
  • Provides full automation of fader movements and switch actions
  • Compact with small footprint
  • Two or more units may be joined physically
  • Can be integrated with other components in the Eclipse Midnight controller range

The Eclipse MXL Midnight is one of the Eclipse Midnight range of video and audio controllers. All units in the range are cosmetically matched and mechanically compatible.


The Eclipse MXL Midnight is a compact desktop audio control surface which can provide hardware control of audio mixing functions in a wide range of audio software applications. The level of integration and consequent degree of control varies with the software in use, but typically, the operator can perform real-time, automated mixing using the set of eight touch-sensitive, motorised faders. Each fader channel has a large, programmable button with an internal LCD display able to show up to 32 text characters or graphic symbols with 64 backlight colours. Depending on the software being used, these may be able to display channel labels, track arming status, or other information. Each channel also has illuminated Mute, Solo and Aux buttons. All buttons are automated.

The controller is able to interface with host systems in a variety of ways; an interface card of the required type is specified at the time of ordering. Ethernet, USB, RS-232 and RS422/9Pin connectivity are all supported. It is directly compatible with L-S-B Virtual Studio Manager, Peavey Media Matrix NWare, Sony ELC Enhanced Live Production Control System and Viz Mosart Studio Automation among other audio software systems.

The Eclipse MXL Midnight is a component in the Eclipse Midnight range of controllers and graders, and has the same clean and elegant styling. It may be physically mated with any of the other components – including further MXL Midnight controllers – with an optional joining kit.

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