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DirectOut Technologies PRODIGY.MC

PRODIGY.MP is a powerful and versatile multifunction “DSP hub” for use at large-scale live sound and broadcast events, where there is a need for complex routing and processing of multiple audio streams in different formats. Its modular I/O system allows PRODIGY.MP to be configured to interface with most current AoIP formats as well as MADI, AES3 and analogue as required; routing and DSP processing may be redefined easily and rapidly, allowing it to meet today’s demanding standards of musical productions, festivals and major sports events.

Main feature set:

  • Multifunction audio router with extensive and assignable DSP
  • Dual routing architecture allows channel assignment both pre and post processing
  • Modular I/O design allows rapid hardware reconfiguration
  • Maximum channel capacity: 416 inputs and 420 outputs
  • Supports Dante, RAVENNA and Waves SoundGrid audio networks
  • Channel-based routing matrix
  • FPGA-based DSP resources include Gain, EQ, dynamics, delay, time alignment, inserts and mixing
  • DSP section allows Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) across blocks of channels
  • All sample rates up to 192 kHz supported
  • Multiple DSP wordclock options
  • Enhanced Automatic Redundancy Switching (EARS)
  • Dual PSUs

I/O options:

  • Four 8ch. slots for AES3/analogue I/O modules, can accept any combination of:
    • 4 x AES3 inputs/outputs
    • 4 x AES3 inputs/outputs with input SRC
    • 8 x analogue line inputs
    • 8 x analogue line outputs
    • 8 x analogue line inputs + 8 x analogue line outputs
    • 8 x mic inputs + 8 x analogue line outputs
    • 8 x high definition (HD) mic inputs
      • 8 x HD mic inputs + 8 x analogue line outputs
  • Two AoIP network slots, each may be fitted with any of:
    • Dante I/O interface (64 chs)
    • RAVENNA I/O interface (AES67; 128 chs)
    • SoundGrid I/O interface (128 chs)
  • Two MADI slots, each may be fitted with any of:
    • MADI I/O interface with 2 x BNCs
    • MADI I/O interface with SC optical port
    • MADI I/O interface with SFP carrier


  • Front panel touchscreen for immediate configuration and metering
  • Dedicated network ports serve GUI pages for use with external browsers
  • Fully compatible with globcon control software
  • GPIO port for integration with broadcast control, monitoring or red light systems
  • MIDI I/O

DirectOut’s PRODIGY.MC is a modular format converter with an AoIP interface, two MADI interfaces and up to 64 AES3/analogue channels. It uses much of the same technology as the PRODIGY.MP: the SRC and DSP section capability is omitted.

The ANDIAMO range includes dedicated multichannel audio interfaces between MADI, analogue and AES3 in various combinations, while the compact EXBOX range of MADI accessories provide copper/optical interfacing and automatic failsafe changeover.

globcon is a free, multi-platform software tool enabling full control of all DirectOut products via a single, standardised graphical interface.


The DirectOut PRODIGY.MP is designed to be the central “audio core” at large-scale public occasions such as music festivals, sports events and multi-media productions. It is compatible with several different audio formats: RAVENNA, Dante and Waves SoundGrid AoIP streams, MADI (all standards), AES3 and analogue are all catered for. Typically, incoming live audio feeds can be distributed in multiple formats to different mixing consoles, multitrack recording systems and broadcast trucks; the unit will also provide the primary return feeds for FOH PA and monitoring, with built-in loudspeaker management. The SoundGrid interface allows direct interface to many popular multitrack recording systems, which can be used to simulate the live event, allowing a full soundcheck and system test to be performed in advance.

Depending on the module complement fitted, PRODIGY.MP can provide up to 416 inputs and 420 outputs, including 32 inputs and 32 outputs for local interfacing, and dual stereo headphone outputs.

PRODIGY.MP uses a modular I/O system which lets you configure it for a specific event by simply plugging the I/O modules that will be needed on the day into the rear panel slots. There are two slots for AoIP modules: either or both may be fitted with an interface module for Dante, RAVENNA or Waves SoundGrid audio networks. All AoIP modules have dual RJ45 ports for redundant operation and an empty SFP carrier for the user’s own choice of optical or copper cartridge. The RAVENNA module is AES67 compliant and also supports SMPTE ST2110-30 (Audio for IP video), ST2110-31 (Transparent transport of AES3 audio, including User bits) and ST2022-7 (for redundant network configuration).

Two slots for MADI interfaces are provided. Any two modules may be fitted from the three connection options: dual BNC (input/output), duplex SC optical – multimode or singlemode, or an empty SFP carrier for the user’s own choice of cartridge (suitable cartridges may be pre-fitted on request). All MADI standards are supported (56/64 channels, 48/96 kHz).

There are four slots for analogue or AES3 I/O modules: each slot can handle 8 audio channels in each direction. A wide range of modules is available: analogue options comprise modules with 8 line inputs, 8 line outputs, 8 line inputs plus 8 line outputs, 8 mic inputs, and 8 HD mic inputs, with or without 8 line outputs. The high definition mic inputs have been designed for high quality vocal or solo instrumentalist recording and are capable of accepting input levels of up to +24 dBu.  Digital options are an AES3 module with four AES3 inputs and four AES3 outputs, available with or without on-board sample rate conversion for each AES3 input port. The AES3 and analogue modules all use 25-pin Dsub connectors wired to the popular “Tascam” standard.

The MADI and network audio modules both allow for redundant operation, and fully automatic, seamless fallback may be set up during the unit’s configuration, with any of the available input options being defined as the fallback source.

PRODIGY.MP has several control options: in addition to the menu-based front panel touchscreen – which also includes programmable bargraph metering of multiple input and output channels – a dedicated management network port is provided to connect external devices which can then display a series of GUI pages using any compatible browser. The management port has dual RJ45 sockets and an SFP carrier which are configured as an internal 3-port Ethernet switch. A dedicated 9-pin Dsub connector is used for GPIO use: this provides an interface to external systems such as remote monitoring or red light systems. MIDI input and output are also provided on standard 5-pin DIN sockets: these may be used in conjunction with a MIDI sequencer to recall snapshots on cue, MIDI parameter control and Midi TimeCode (MTC) triggered events.

PRODIGY.MP is also compatible with globcon software, a powerful application which can control any combination of DirectOut products through a simple, standardised GUI. globcon is available in Mac, Windows and Linux versions and is downloadable free of charge from

In addition to acting as a fully programmable router, PRODIGY.MP includes a powerful DSP engine whose processing elements can provide per-channel gain and mute, EQ, dynamics and delay, a summing matrix and sample rate conversion across a block of channels. The architecture allows for channel routing to be defined at both the input and output sides of the DSP engine, greatly increasing the unit’s versatility. Loudspeaker management has been included in the repertoire of DSP elements; EQ with a wide rage of filter options, limiting and delay can all be programmed into specific output channels, thus eliminating the need for bulky dedicated Loudspeaker Management System hardware and consequent further interconnections.

PRODIGY.MP is extremely flexible in terms of wordclock management. The internal DSP can use internal or external sync, which may be standard Word Clock, video or any of the network or digital audio channels. The availability of SRC on the AES3 inputs, together with free-running MADI and network audio I/O makes simultaneous transfer between different formats at different sample rates a practicality.

To ensure its suitability for critical on-air and/or live situations, PRODIGY.MP is built in a substantial steel chassis (2U of rack height) and has dual redundant Universal PSUs with independent fused AC inlets and switches.


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