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DirectOut Technologies MONTONE.42

A bidirectional MADI-to-Ethernet bridge enabling audio channels to be routed as required between up to four MADI streams and two Gigabit network ports, using RAVENNA audio-over-Ethernet technology. The unit is fully compliant with AES67, making it compatible with other compliant protocols such as Dante, Q-Lan and AVB.

  • Bridge between MADI and Audio-over-IP network audio
  • Interfaces existing MADI streams with standard IP infrastructures
  • Simplifies streaming from MADI sources
  • Uses AES67-compliant RAVENNA audio networking technology
  • RAVENNA offers minimum latency, maximum data transparency and high reliability
  • Supports SMPTE standard ST2110-30
  • Supports PTP Profiles including SMPTE standard ST2059-2
  • Full routing matrix – any audio channel(s) at any input may be routed to any output
  • Compatible with all MADI formats – 48/96k frame rate, 56/64 channels
  • Sample rates: 44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz
  • Four MADI I/O ports; may be individually specified as optical SC (singlemode or multimode), coaxial (BNC) or empty SFP carrier
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Remote control through HTML5 browser interface with scalable GUI
  • Compatible with ANEMAN Audio Network Manager
  • Word clock input and output
  • Video sync reference input
  • USB port for firmware updates
  • Network ports may be configured as dual-redundant with auto fail-over
  • Dual internal PSUs

The MONTONE.42 is one of the range of DirectOut MADI interfaces. Other units are available for routing mic inputs direct to MADI (ANDIAMO.MC) and interfacing between MADI and AES3 and analogue (the ANDIAMO range).


Audio-over-IP (AoIP) is being increasingly implemented in broadcast as it enables existing IP infrastructures to be utilised for the transport of high-quality, multichannel audio. With MADI as an accepted standard for multichannel audio within studio environments, the MONTONE.42 allows direct interface between the two systems with full routing flexibility.

The unit allows the broadcast engineer to directly assemble multiple output streams in a fully transparent and compatible IP format directly from MADI audio channels. The unit can also – simultaneously, if wished – extract individual AoIP audio channels from the network and route them elsewhere in the facility as specific MADI channels.

The MONTONE.42 is equipped with four MADI I/O ports, each of which may specified to be i) dual optical SC (singlemode or multimode), ii) dual coaxial on BNCs, or iii) an empty SFP carrier to accept a compatible cartridge of the user’s choice. There are also two standard Gigabit Ethernet ports for connection to the IP network.

Audio-over-IP is achieved using RAVENNA. RAVENNA is a non-proprietary, open-technology standard developed primarily for the broadcast industry, and thus exhibits high data transparency, low latency and excellent reliability. Most importantly, it is fully complaint with AES67, which specifies interoperability with other compliant systems, which currently include Audinate’s Dante, QSC’s Q-Lan, Telos Systems’ Livewire among others. It is supports the provisions for IP Transport Standards for Audio defined in SMPTE ST2110-30.

MONTONE.42 incorporates a full internal routing matrix which permits any audio channel in an incoming MADI or RAVENNA stream to be re-embedded in any outgoing MADI or RAVENNA stream. Access to the matrix – and all other unit setup functions – is via HTML5-based browser pages; these automatically scale to the GUI in use, allowing control from almost any type of device. Basic settings are also available from the unit’s front panel.

The unit’s sync source may be an internal clock (when the unit is used as a sync grand master), a MADI input, PTP via the network, an externally applied wordclock or video sync (black-and-burst). PTP Profiles supported include Default, AES67 Media and the Professional Broadcast Environment Profile defined by SMPTE ST2059-2. The unit is compliant with AES11 for clock stability. A USB port is also provided for system firmware updates.

MONTONE.42 is compatible with Merging Technologies’ ANEMAN Audio Network Manager freeware, which aims to provide transparent, cross-platform control of audio streams within an AoIP network, independent of hardware.

The unit is intended for permanent installation in broadcast studio complexes and transmission centres, and has been designed for fail-safe operation: the network ports may be configured as a dual-redundant pair with auto fail-over, and the unit is fitted with dual internal universal PSUs with separate AC inlets, fuses and AC switches.

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