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DirectOut Technologies MI6

1U rack-mounting MADI audio monitor for line checking in broadcast installations.  A mono or stereo mix of up to 16 channels from the MADI input may be auditioned on internal speakers, or routed externally as analogue or AES3.

  • Multichannel mixer/monitor for MADI signals
  • All controls on front panel
  • Bank selection for channels 1-16, 17-32, 33-48, 49-64
  • Any or all of the channels in the selected bank may be monitored simultaneously
  • Mono/stereo monitoring
  • Separate level control for each channel in selected bank
  • MUTE button per channel with LED
  • SIG LED indicates signal presence per channel
  • Per-channel ISOLATE button mutes all other channels
  • Two front panel mounted speakers
  • Speaker on/off switch
  • Front panel headphone socket
  • Key lock function disables all controls
  • Mix also available at balanced, stereo line output and AES3 output
  • 3 MADI inputs – coaxial, optical (SC) and SFP
  • All inputs have loop-through outputs
  • Hard bypass on coaxial I/O in event of power failure
  • Supports all MADI formats: 48k/96k frame, 56/64 channels
  • Sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz
  • USB port for firmware updates
  • 1U rack mounting unit

DirectOut’s MA2CHBOX.XL is a compact desktop unit that permits any two audio channels of a MADI signal to be monitored via headphones or external speakers. ANNA-LISA and MADI.MONI are hand-held MADI analysers ideal for signal checking and troubleshooting in a MADI environment.


The DirectOut M.I6 is a self-contained, 1U rack-mounting audio monitor for use in broadcast environments where MADI is the standard format for multichannel audio transport. MADI I/O is provided in coaxial (BNC), optical SC (multi-mode) and SFP formats. The unit is shipped with an empty SFP cage to allow the user to fit a cartridge to suit their own standards. The coaxial input and output are interconnected by a failsafe bypass relay to ensure signal continuity even in the event of power failure.

Selection of input is automatic and hierarchical: the coaxial input has the highest priority and the SFP port the lowest. Synchronisation is always from the input signal, and an alternative input is selected in the event of signal or sync loss. Front panel LEDs indicate the source in use, and valid sync. The M.I6 supports all MADI standards: 56/64 channels, 48k/96k frame rate and sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz.

A bank switch selects a set of 16 audio channels from the 64 channels the input signal can carry: 1-16, 17-32, 33-48 and 49-64; LEDs confirm the bank in use. Any or all of the 16 channels in the selected bank may then be monitored via the two internal loudspeakers, driven by an internal power amplifier. Each channel has an individual level control, a MUTE button with LED and a SIG LED, which illuminates on detection of signal level above -80 dBFS. Stereo or mono operation may be selected: in stereo mode odd-numbered channels are routed to the left speaker and even-numbered to the right; in mono, all channels are summed and routed to both speakers. A speaker on/off switch is provided, and an ISOLATE button mutes all other channels simultaneously to permit channels to be checked individually. The M.I6 also has a Key Lock feature which disables all the front panel controls to prevent accidental alteration.

In addition to the internal speakers, the mono or stereo monitoring mix is available at a front panel headphone output (¼” stereo jack socket), and as both a balanced analogue line output and an AES3 output on a rear panel Dsub connector. A break-out cable (Dsub-to-XLR) is available as an accessory to facilitate the use of this connector.

The M.I6 operates directly from AC mains, with a rear panel power switch. A rear panel Type ‘B’ USB port allows firmware updates. Requiring only 1U or rack space and 200 mm of depth (plus connectors), and weighing just 2 kg, the M.I6 is ideal for installation in OB vehicles as well as fixed installations.

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