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DirectOut Technologies MA2CHBOX.XL

Headphone monitoring of any two channels of an optical or coaxial MADI signal in a compact desktop unit. Analogue and AES3 outputs of the monitored signal are provided. The unit can also act as a MADI format converter (coaxial-to-optical or vice versa).

  • Stereo headphone monitoring unit for edit and viewing suites in MADI environments
  • Compact, free-standing desktop unit
  • MADI inputs may be coaxial or optical (SC or SFP)
  • MADI outputs for all formats for loop-through or routed connection
  • All MADI outputs always active, allowing conversion between all three formats
  • Auto-detection of 48/96 kHz frame rates and 56 or 64-channel MADI standards
  • Any mono channel, or stereo pair of channels may be monitored
  • Front panel stereo headphone output
  • Monitor mix available as external output in analogue and AES3 formats
  • AES3 input; may be selected as alternative monitoring source
  • USB port for expanded remote control options and firmware updates
  • Internal universal mains PSU

In-rack MADI/AES3 audio monitoring of up to eight mono (or four stereo) channels may be performed using the 1U KYRA unit.


MA2CHBOX.XL is a compact desktop headphone monitoring unit designed to integrate directly into broadcasting environments where MADI is the audio transport standard. Its extremely small footprint makes it ideal for viewing rooms, edit suites or small OB vehicles, where space is at a premium. Any one channel in the incoming MADI stream may be selected for monitoring; alternatively the unit may be operated in stereo mode, where any two odd/even-numbered channels may be selected as a stereo pair. The unit incorporates a stereo headphone amplifier which can drive up to +12 dBu into a ¼” TRS socket on the front panel. The selected channel(s) are also fed as audio outputs for external equipment in both analogue line level and AES3 digital formats to a rear panel connector.

Three options are provided for MADI input: coaxial (BNC socket), optical (SC connector) and an SFP carrier for the user to fit their own fibre optic (or coaxial) cartridge. A MADI loop-through output on a second connector is provided in all cases, and a power-safe relay maintains the coaxial output in the event of a power failure. Different MADI standards (48 kHz and 96 kHz frame rates and 56 or 64 channels) are catered for with auto-detection. Multiple inputs may be used; selection of input source is made from the front panel. MA2CHBOX.XL includes a 194 x 194 audio router, allowing any channel from any MADI input (or the AES3 input) to be routed to any channel in any MADI output (or the AES3 output). The router is controlled from an external software application via the USB port.

All three MADI outputs are active whichever input is selected, allowing the unit to be used as a MADI format converter; a coaxial input MADI stream is converted to an optical signal (at both the SC connectors and the SFP cartridge), or an optical MADI input at either type of connector may be re-distributed as a coaxial signal from the BNC connector. Conversion is independent of the unit’s headphone monitoring functions.

The easy-to-use front panel controls consist of a single multi-function rotary control for selecting input channel, monitor level and menu selection and four internally-illuminated push buttons for input source selection. A two-digit seven-segment display shows the active channel and volume level (during adjustment).

The rear panel carries the coaxial and optical MADI I/O connectors. An empty SFP cartridge carrier is included; the user may install a cartridge of their choice to suit their own connectivity standards. A 9-pin male Dsub connector carries balanced analogue line level outputs (max level +24 dBu) and both a matching AES3 output and an AES3 input. The AES3 input is independent of the unit’s MADI functions, and either (or both) channels may be selected as monitor sources if required. A Dsub-to-XLR break-out cable is included with each MA2CHBOX.XL unit.

The rear panel includes a USB 2.0 port for external control and firmware updates.

MA2CHBOX.XL is mains-powered with an internal Universal PSU (85 – 264 VAC, 47 – 63 Hz).

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