Project Description

DirectOut Technologies EXBOX.ADAT

The EXBOX.ADAT is a MADI /ADAT converter designed to integrate ADAT equipment. It has two MADI ports; one BNC and one SC fibre plus eight ADAT I/Os. Both MADI outputs may be used simultaneously. EXBOX.ADAT is robust, small and portable making it ideal for studio or location use.

Fixed Audio Routing

Audio channels in groups of 8 can be inserted into an existing MADI stream by connecting them to the required ADAT input and looping all the other ADAT output and input ports.

D.O.TEC® DualSync™

EXBOX.ADAT syncs automatically to MADI and ADAT inputs. Using D.O.TEC® DualSync™ technology enables independent synchronisation – MADI to ADAT conversion may be clocked independently from the ADAT to MADI direction.

Automatic Format Detection

The format of the MADI input signal (48k Frame <> 96k Frame, 56 ch <> 64 ch) is detected automatically. The output format of the MADI output signal is set according the input signal condition of ADAT port 8: signal on port 8 = 64 ch <> no signal on port 8 = 56 ch.

Safe Operation

Using two external power supplies with Hirose connectors provides secure operation and redundancy.

Technical Specifications

  • MADI ports (I/O):1 x SC-Socket multi-mode (single mode option  available)
    1 x coaxial BNC, 75 Ohm
  • MADI formats:48k / 96k Frame, 56 / 64 channel, S/MUX
  • ADAT ports (I/O):8 x TOSLINK, Alesis specification
  • Sample rates:44,1 kHz up to 192 kHz
  • Power supply:external, 2 x Hirose (9-24 V)
  • Dimensions:Width 140 mm
    Height 42 mm
    Depth 140 mm

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