Project Description

DirectOut Technologies BREAKOUT Panels

A range of 1U breakout panels which simplify I/O access to analogue or digital interfaces with Dsub-25 connectors wired to the common Tascam standard.

  • Passive XLR connection panels simplifying access to ANDIAMO range of MADI interfaces
  • Also suitable for use with any equipment using D25 connectors for multichannel audio I/O
  • Fully compatible with Tascam wiring standard for analogue and AES3 signals
  • Allow per-channel access (analogue) or per-channel pair access (AES3) to inputs and outputs normally only available on D25 connectors
  • Five versions available for use with a variety of interfaces
  • Enclosed unit of minimal depth

The BREAKOUT range is primarily intended for use with the ANDIAMO series of MADI/analogue and MADI/AES interfaces: these include the ANDIAMO 2, 2.AD. 2.DA, MC, AES (SRC) and 2.XT (SRC).


Many items of professional audio equipment use the well-established Tascam wiring standard for carrying eight balanced channels (analogue or AES3) on a single 25-pin Dsub connector. This has clear advantages in reducing cost, rear panel complexity and simplifying rack wiring.

The DirectOut BREAKOUT units are simple, passive interface panels fitted with 25-pin Dsub connectors at the rear and XLR connectors at the front, allowing immediate access to the input or output of any channel of the device to which the BREAKOUT panel is connected. In many situations, the BREAKOUT panel can be rack-mounted immediately below the device, and short, pre-made 25-pin interface cables used at the rear. Such cables are available as an accessory.

Five versions of BREAKOUT panel are available:
• BREAKOUT.AN8 – 8 analogue inputs (XLR3F), 8 analogue outputs (XLR3M)
• BREAKOUT.AN16I – 16 analogue inputs (XLR3F)
• BREAKOUT.AN16O – 16 analogue outputs (XLR3M)
• BREAKOUT.AES – 8 AES3 inputs (XLR3F), 8 AES3 outputs (XLR3M)
• BREAKOUT.AESid – 16 AES3id inputs (BNC), 16 AES3id outputs (BNC)

All versions except the BREAKOUT.AESid have two 25-pin Dsub connectors on the rear panel; the AESid has four. The analogue units carry eight balanced signals (either in or out) on each Dsub, while the digital units carry four AES3 signals (eight audio channels) in each direction on each Dsub. The BREAKOUT.AES unit is suitable for AES3 signals of 2-7 Vpk-pk and a characterstic  impedance of 110 ohm, and the BREAKOUT.AESid for AES3id signals of 1 Vpk-pk and a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms.

The units are fully enclosed and require only 1U of panel height and 65 mm depth.

*Tascam is a registered trade mark of the TEAC Corporation

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