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Bel Digital Group SAM64

The Bel Digital SAM64 is an SDI-to-MADI / AES audio converter. It extracts audio from up to four SDI bitstreams and converts it to AES and MADI digital audio formats. It is transparent to Dolby E and Dolby Digital, and includes on-board sample rate convertors with local or GPI control and tallies. Comprehensive sync options and redundant power supplies are standard. Rack-mounting (1U).

The SAM64 is a cost-effective solution to the problem of connecting audio equipment to the SDI-based infrastructure found in many broadcast facilities today. Occupying only 1U of rack space, the SAM64 provides the interface between SDI video bitstreams and digital audio.

Main feature set:

  • 4 SDI inputs, auto-detection of SD/HD/3G standards
  • Active loop-through of each input with full Dolby E/Dolby Digital transparency
  • Extracted audio available as 32 x AES3-id and 1 x 64ch MADI (optical and coax)
  • Comprehensive sync options (wordclock, AES, Black and Burst, SDI1 – 4)
  • Wordclock and AES sync outputs
  • On-board sample rate convertors (SRCs), enabled locally or remotely via GPI
  • SRC tally outputs
  • Dual power supplies, with separate IEC mains connectors (with cable clamps)
  • 1U, 19” rack-mounting enclosure
  • Optional 19” AES Signal Breakout panel (ASBO), providing AES3-id outputs on 32 x BNC connectors (75 ohm).


SAM64 extracts 16 audio channels from each of the unit’s four SDI inputs to provide a total of 64 audio channels in both MADI (AES10id-2008) and AES3 (AES3-1992) formats. All SDI inputs independently auto-sense between 3G, HD and SD standards and are provided with loop-through connectivity for downstream equipment.

With a comprehensive range of synchronising options and switchable sample rate convertors, the SAM64 is designed to reliably and seamlessly integrate into any broadcast environment where SDI-embedded audio channels (consisting of discrete and/or Dolby E/Dolby Digital encoded signals) require format conversion.

Broadcast-standard reliability is achieved with redundant power supplies, careful choice of components and extensive test and QC procedures.

The optional 1U, 19” rack-mounting AES Signal Breakout panel (ASBO), enables the AES3-id outputs to be available on 32 BNC connectors (75 ohm).


Bel Digital SAM64 Manual – PDF

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