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Bel Digital Group MA64

The MA64 is a 64-channel MADI to AES interface with both coaxial and optical MADI inputs. 32 two-channel audio outputs are available in both balanced AES3 and unbalanced AES3-id formats, with/without SRC. It is transparent to both Dolby E and Dolby Digital. Comprehensive sync options and dual power supplies are standard. Rack-mounting (1U).

  • Coaxial and optical (SC multi or single-mode) MADI  inputs
  • Loop-throughs of both inputs with full Dolby E/Dolby Digital transparency
  • 64-channels of audio simultaneously available in both 32 x AES3 and 32 x AES3-id formats
  • On-board sample rate converters (SRCs), switchable
  • Compatible with 56-channel MADI standard
  • Comprehensive sync options (wordclock, AES, Black and Burst, MADI)
  • Wordclock and AES sync outputs
  • Ethernet interface
  • Dual power supplies, with separate IEC mains connectors (with cable clamps)
  • 1U, 19” rack-mounting enclosure
  • Designed and built in the UK

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The BM-A2-64MADI provides all the functionality of the MA64, plus comprehensive audio monitoring and analysis of the MADI data. The SAM64 SDI-audio interface can de-embed 64 audio channels from 4 SDI video streams (SD/HD/3G) and make them available as both a MADI output and 32 AES3-id outputs.


The British-made Bel Digital MA64 is a simple-to-install MADI digital audio interface. It is intended for use in broadcast, production or live sound environments where MADI has been adopted as the multichannel audio transport format and the system infrastructure is digital. A comprehensive range of synchronising options allows the MA64 to reliably and seamlessly integrate into any environment where MADI data (including discrete and/or Dolby E/Dolby Digital encoded signals) requires format conversion.

The MA64 converts the 64 (or 56) audio channels present in the incoming MADI bitstream to both 32 AES3 balanced pairs and 32 AES3-id unbalanced pairs. Sample Rate Conversion may be selected for all channels if required. Both 75 ohm coaxial and SC multi-mode optical MADI inputs (AES 10d-2008 compliant) are provided; a single-mode option is available for the optical input. Both formats incorporate loop-through outputs.

The balanced audio outputs are on the front panel for convenience of patching to console I/O racks, in the form of four 25-pin Dsub connectors wired to the familiar “Tascam” standard. Unbalanced outputs are on the rear panel, on a 37-pin hi-density Dsub connector. 1U break-out panels for both formats are available as accessories: the BOB/O-32 makes the AES3 balanced outputs available on 16 XLR connectors (two required), while the ASBO makes the AES3-id unbalanced outputs available on 32 BNC sockets.

The synchronisation source may be selected from word clock, AES3, black-and-burst video or the MADI input. Sync outputs are available in word clock and AES3 formats. An Ethernet interface is included to facilitate firmware updates.

Broadcast-standard reliability is achieved with dual power supplies (with separate IEC inlets) for full redundancy, careful choice of components and extensive test and QC procedures.


Bel Digital MA64 Manual – PDF

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