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Bel Digital Group BM-AV1-16SHD

16-channel audio+video monitor with 3G/HD/SD SDI de-embedding, plus AES3 and analogue inputs and outputs in a 1U 19” unit.

  • Monitoring of SDI video and up to 16 channels of audio
  • 16-channel audio de-embedding from SDI sources
  • Auto-sensing SDI inputs (SD/HD/3G)
  • Additional sources: AES3id x 8 (16ch) and analogue x 8
  • AES3id outputs of all 16 channels
  • Analogue outputs of channels 1 to 8 of the selected source
  • Very simple to use: all primary functions have dedicated controls
  • Integral video monitor
  • In-video display of input status, metadata and unit configuration
  • 2 x full-range front panel speakers plus internal LF sub-woofer
  • Any channel may be monitored on either speaker, including combinations and groups
  • High resolution, tricolour LED meters with adjustable colour transition points and peak-hold facility
  • Four standard meter scales/ballistics, user selectable
  • Audio output levels are auto-adjusted for consistent volume when monitoring multiple channels
  • Optional card for Dolby® decoding and loudness measurement (see below)

If monitoring of the video signal is not required, Bel Models BM-A1-16SHD and BM-A2-16SHD provide most of the audio functionality of the BM-AV1-16SHD.


The Bel BM-AV1-16SHD is a high quality, 1U video+audio monitor suitable for operation in broadcast control rooms or OB vehicles where SDI is the standard video format. As well as monitoring the 3G/HD/SD SDI signal’s video content on the integral display, the user can de-embed 16 channels of audio from the SDI, display the levels of channels 1 to 8 or 9 to 16 on the front panel meters, and hear stereo audio monitoring of any combination of the 16 channels.

The unit is very simple to use: all source selection and main monitoring setup is done from individual controls on the front panel without any necessity for menu navigation.

In addition to two auto-detecting 3G/HD/SD SDI inputs, the monitor has eight balanced analogue inputs (D-sub) and eight AES3id (BNCs). A re-clocked loop-through output is available for the selected SDI source providing a convenient and cost-effective method of switching SDI feeds to an external monitor. The 16 channels of the selected source are also routed to eight AES3id outputs and Channels 1 to 8 to balanced analogue outputs (D-sub). In addition, the stereo audio monitor mix is available as a separate balanced feed at a pair of XLRs.

Audio levels are metered on eight 26-segment tricolour LED bargraphs. User setup options allow a choice of four scales and ballistics (BBC or DIN PPM, VU and AES/EBU), and also colour transition points and peak hold.

The audio quality is remarkably high for a 1U unit; in addition to the front panel stereo speakers a third low frequency driver is mounted internally to provide an impressively extended low frequency response for such a compact monitor unit. Users have full flexibility in assigning any channel to left, right or both speakers (or neither), and automatic level attenuation compensates for monitoring multiple channels. A ¼” jack headphone output socket is provided on the front panel; when in use, the internal speakers are muted. Audio level at the rear panel analogue outputs may be configured from a setup menu either to be fixed or to follow the main volume control.

The BM-AV1-16SHD has a simple menu system, which is displayed as text superimposed on the video image. This enables easy device configuration and display of signal status information and metadata. A Dolby decoder card may be retrofitted to allow decoding of Dolby E, Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus signals; the card also permits loudness measurement (compliant with ITU-R BS1770-2) of the selected sources.

The unit, built to a very high mechanical standard in a stainless steel 1U 19” enclosure, is designed to exceed current EMC directives giving the best possible isolation from external interference and vice versa, and is fully RoHS compliant. Warranty is for 3 years.


Bel Digital BM-AV1-16SHD Brochure – PDF


Bel Digital BM-AV1-16SHD Manual – PDF

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