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Bel Digital Group BM-A1-64 DANTE

64-channel audio confidence monitor for use in Dante™ networks; includes AES3 and analogue outputs in a 1U 19” unit.

  • Multi-channel audio confidence monitor for use in Dante™ AoIP networks
  • Any 64 channels of the 512 supported by the Dante™ network may be selected for monitoring using Dante Controller software
  • Very simple to use: minimal and intuitive control set
  • LEDs confirm signal presence on each channel
  • Any combination of channels may be selected for audio monitoring
  • Single channel mode is a available for monitoring individual channels
  • Pan control allows a stereo mix of selected channels to be created
  • High resolution LED bargraph meters display level of stereo mix
  • Two user presets for saving channel monitoring combinations
  • Audio monitoring mix available as AES/EBU and analogue outputs
  • Volume and HF/LF tone controls
  • 2 x full-range front panel speakers
  • Headphone socket
  • Mute function
  • Dual Ethernet ports for connection to dual redundant Dante™ networks
  • USB port for firmware updates
  • Dual redundant internal PSUs

The Bel range of audio broadcast monitors also includes units for 2, 4 and 16-channel monitoring, including models with SDI de-embedding, Dolby E decoding and loudness measurement.


The Bel BM-A1-64DANTE is a 1U, 64-channel audio confidence monitor suitable for broadcast control rooms, OB vehicles and live sound installations where an Audinate Dante™ AoIP (Audio over Internet Protocol) network is in use. It can monitor single channels or simultaneously monitor multiple channels of audio from the Dante™ network. With the use of Audinate’s Dante™ Controller software, any 64 channels can be chosen from the 512 channels that Dante™ supports.

The unit is very simple to use: all source selection and main monitoring setup is done from controls on the front panel without any necessity for menu navigation.

Any combination of the 64 channels within the unit may be defined as a “monitor mix” and routed to the two front panel loudspeakers; a pan control allows the user to position each channel on the left, right or centre of the stereo image as required. A channel combination may be stored as one of two user Presets, enabling rapid recall of common configurations, though the unit always powers-up with the last-defined configuration in place.

Single channel monitoring is also available, enabling the user to scroll through each channel individually.

A front panel volume control, mute button and headphone output socket are fitted; the loudspeakers mute when headphones are connected. The pre-volume signal level is displayed on a dual, multi-colour, high-resolution LED bargraph meter. The display also incorporates various tallies showing volume level, L/R channel routing, Preset selection and PSU statuses.

The front panel LED matrix display depicts the status of the 64 channels. A channel is selected/de-selected for monitoring with the rotary SEL control in conjunction with its push function; the blue LED confirms its selection. As each channel is added to the mix, it can be routed to L, R or L+R as required with the pan control. Two further LEDs indicate signal level: green indicates a signal level > -54 dBFS while red indicates > -6 dBFS.

At the rear panel, the stereo audio monitor mix is available both as a balanced analogue output (on a pair of XLRs) and an AES3 output (a further XLR). Two (primary and secondary) RJ45 Ethernet ports allow the unit to be connected to a dual redundant Dante™ network. A USB port allows firmware updates to be performed.


Bel Digital BM-A1-64 DANTE Brochure – PDF


Bel Digital BM-A1-64 DANTE Manual – PDF

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