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Bel Digital Group 8150

A compact (1U) 8-channel audio synchronisation delay for use in post-production suites, with both analogue and AES3 I/O. Delay time is set in PAL/NTSC fields, independently per channel pair.

  • 1U high quality 8-channel audio delay unit
  • Delay time adjustable in fields to match video edit/FX processing
  • Max. delay 15 video fields (PAL or NTSC)
  • Balanced analogue and AES3 inputs and outputs
  • Adjustable analogue input gain
  • Can be used as a multichannel or stereo A-to-D or D-to-A converter
  • Hard relay bypass in event of power failure
  • Recessed preset controls for safety
  • External sync input
  • Extremely reliable – designed for 24/7 use

The Bel 7150 is a versatile 2-channel delay for resynchronising audio to video in the transmission chain, to compensate for video processing delays.


The Bel 8150 is an 8-channel audio delay unit suitable for use anywhere in the broadcast signal chain, but particularly in video post production suites. It allows the operator to delay audio signals by time periods equivalent to integral numbers of video fields. The maximum delay is 15 PAL fields (300 ms). It is ideal for resynchronising programme audio to picture after the video has undergone delay as a result of VT editing of effects, or for inserting a matched delay across all the channels decoded from a Dolby E stream.

Inputs and outputs are available in balanced analogue and AES3 formats. Gain adjustment is provided for the analogue inputs. Both analogue and digital outputs are always active, giving the 8150 additional versatility: it can be used as four independent stereo A-to-D converters or D-to-A converters, or as a multichannel A-to-D/D-to-A converter.

The simple front panel controls are in the form of recessed presets: four rotary pots for the analogue input levels (in channel pairs), and four rotary switches for the delay time (also in channel pairs). A further rear panel switch selects the analogue or digital inputs. PAL fields (20 ms) are factory-set by default, but NTSC fields (16.7 ms) may be selected alternatively by moving an internal jumper.

Nominally operating at 48 kHz sample frequency, the 8150’s AES3 inputs are fitted with sample rate conversion (SRCs), ensuring reliable operation in the range 30 to 50 kHz. A sync input is provided on the rear panel to lock the unit to an external master clock.

The 8150 is designed for 24/7 operation; internal fail-safe relays ensure signal continuity in the event of power failure. The unit is built to a very high mechanical standard in a stainless steel 1U 19” enclosure, is designed to exceed current EMC directives and is fully RoHS compliant. Warranty is for 3 years.


Bel Digital 8150 Brochure – PDF


Bel Digital 8150 Manual – PDF

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