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Bel Digital Group BCR-A1OB

Low cost stereo audio confidence monitor built to a very high standard

  • Balanced stereo analogue input on XLRs
  • Extra front panel stereo auxiliary inputs (phonos)
  • Configurable for stereo or dual-mono operation
  • Balanced line level outputs for external monitoring or other downstream use
  • Volume and balance controls in stereo mode; separate volume controls in dual-momo mode
  • Two 10-segment LED meters
  • ‘Out-of-phase’ LED
  • Two-way loudspeakers – separate LF and MF/HF drivers per channel
  • High monitoring level
  • Stereo headphones output
  • Very compact – only 1U x 200 mm deep

Model BCR-A4-4OB is an audio confidence monitor with four stereo analogue and four AES3 inputs. Model BCR4 is a 4-channel monitor allowing simultaneous monitoring of four individual analogue inputs – ideal for use with quad video monitors.


The Bel BCR-A1OB is a cost-effective stereo audio confidence monitor for permanent installation in broadcast control suites, with the same high build quality and performance as the more highly featured models in the Bel range. It is very compact, occupying only 200 mm of rack depth in 1U, so is ideal for use in OB vehicles of all types.

The audio quality is exceptionally good, due largely to the use of two-way loudspeakers – separate LF and MF/LF drivers per channel – and 100 dB SPL can be generated at 0.6 m. There is a front panel headphone socket which mutes the internal speakers. Monitoring volume is adjustable on the front panel.

The BCR-A1 OB has two analogue balanced line level inputs on rear panel XLRs. Two additional front panel phono (RCA) input sockets are provided for auxiliary use; the signals applied here are summed with the rear panel inputs.

The unit may be configured for two-channel operation – as opposed to stereo – if wished, by moving internal jumpers. In this case, the front panel level controls change from stereo level plus balance to separate level controls for each channel. The input signal is also available at a pair of balanced, post-level control outputs (nominally line level).

As well as being monitored for audio quality, the level of the selected signal is displayed on two 10-segment LED bargraph meters. The phase relationship of the input pair is checked, and a red LED on the front panel illuminates if an out of phase condition is detected for longer than 0.5s.
Like all Bel broadcast products, the unit is built to a very high mechanical standard in a stainless steel enclosure. Warranty is for 3 years.


Bel Digital BCR-A1OB Brochure – PDF


Bel Digital BCR-A1OB Manual – PDF

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