Jünger Audio MMA


An audio processing system intended to form the core of a multichannel monitoring and authoring facility, Jünger’s MMA is fully compliant with the provisions of MPEG-H and ATSC 3.0. It comprises a powerful central processor, an I/O rack with a choice [...]

Tac System VMC-102 Surround & Immersive Monitoring Controller


Advanced audio monitoring system with touchscreen control, for mixing up to 128 inputs into 32 outputs. Ideal for multi-stem monitoring with Pro Tools or Avid systems; caters for all current and projected surround formats. Controller: Compact, stylish desktop unit Large, illuminated rotary control for monitor volume Push-buttons for primary [...]

Jünger Audio D*AP8 MAP EDITION


A combined audio monitoring controller and loudness measurement system, intended for quality and compliance checking of stereo or 5.1 audio programme material. Rack-mounting (1U), with removable front panel for local or remote control; LAN port for full control via web browser. Checks audio for compliance with EBU R128 loudness regulations Generates [...]