The RME HDSPe MADI is a high performance PCI Express card MADI interface with low latency making the card the perfect partner for live recording and live mixing applications. A multi-channel audio interface, the HSDPe MADI provides 64 channels of 24-bit audio at a sample rate of up to [...]

DirectOut Technologies EXBOX.MIDICOM


EXBOX.MIDICOM is a serial MADI embedder and de-embedder that transports serial and MIDI communication over MADI, useful for the control of remote devices, mic preamps etc. Two SC fibre MADI I/Os facilitate the looping of the device into a two-way MADI connection while [...]

DirectOut Technologies EXBOX.GPIO


A MADI embedder/de-embedder for GPIO signals; allows control signals to be routed bidirectionally using an existing MADI stream. Embeds control signals from four GP inputs into a MADI stream De-embeds control signals from the MADI stream to four GP outputs Two MADI inputs [...]

DirectOut Technologies EXBOX.BLDS


Automatic, seamless MADI changeover switch for fail-safe applications 2-in/2-out MADI changeover switch for critical audio playback or broadcast routing applications Automatically selects secondary MADI source if primary source fails Alternative manual source selection from either front panel or via GPIs Available with dual [...]

DirectOut Technologies EXBOX.AES


The EXBOX.AES is an AES and control bridge to MADI. A single unit is a compact, low cost MADI to AES interface or by daisy chaining several units together, a simple audio distribution system. It can convert 16 audio channels from MADI to [...]

DirectOut Technologies EXBOX.ADAT


The EXBOX.ADAT is a MADI /ADAT converter designed to integrate ADAT equipment. It has two MADI ports; one BNC and one SC fibre plus eight ADAT I/Os. Both MADI outputs may be used simultaneously. EXBOX.ADAT is robust, small and portable making it ideal [...]

DirectOut Technologies EXBOX.64


The DirectOut EXBOX.64 is an active signal converter, re-clocker and extender for MADI signals. It has one MADI optical and one MADI coaxial I/O and signals can be converted either way, coaxial to optical or optical to coaxial. The input signals, which [...]

Bel Digital Audio BM-A2-64MADI


The BM-A2-64MADI provides comprehensive in-rack metering and audio monitoring of MADI data. It displays signal level for all 32 stereo pairs, with any pair routable to stereo speakers, hi-resolution bargraphs and analogue outputs. Metadata including MADI frame data, AES Status and User bits for any channel pair may also be displayed. [...]

DirectOut Technologies ANNA-LISA


Analyser: Simple “traffic light” LED go/no-go indication Two-button operation Compatible with all standard MADI formats: 56/64 chs, 48/96 kHz frame rates Checks for AES10 conformity, sample rate accuracy, format, signal amplitude, jitter and eye pattern  Coaxial and optical inputs (optical via optional [...]

DirectOut Technologies ANDIAMO.MC


A very compact MADI interface providing A-D and D-A conversion, plus a remotely controllable 32-channel mic pre-amp and full MADI routing matrix. MADI support: Bi-directional MADI-to-analogue interface A-D conversion of 32 mic inputs into MADI format D-A conversion of MADI bitstream into [...]