DirectOut Technologies MADI.SRC


The MADI.SRC is a high quality real-time sample rate converter for a 64 channel MADI stream. The device supports all source and destination sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz MADI for all formats: 48k/96k frames; 56/64 channels. Optical SC fibre optic [...]

DirectOut Technologies MADI.BRIDGE


An 8 x 8 matrix for routing MADI streams, with extensive control facilities and compatible with all MADI formats  . 8 x 8 routing matrix for MADI streams Includes one-to-many routing Suitable for all aspects of MADI stream routing, distribution, buffering and re-clocking [...]

RME MADI Converter


The MADI Converter is a six-way bi-directional MADI optical to coaxial converter. Connectivity: 6 x MADI I/O (optical and coaxial) 1 x MIDI Input 3 x MIDI THRU Description: All 12 inputs of the MADI Converter accept both 56 and 64 channel MADI, [...]

Bel Digital Audio MA64


The MA64 is a 64-channel MADI to AES interface with both coaxial and optical MADI inputs. 32 two-channel audio outputs are available in both balanced AES3 and unbalanced AES3-id formats, with/without SRC. It is transparent to both Dolby E and Dolby Digital. Comprehensive sync options and dual power supplies are standard. [...]

DirectOut Technologies MA2CHBOX.XL


Headphone monitoring of any two channels of an optical or coaxial MADI signal in a compact desktop unit. Analogue and AES3 outputs of the monitored signal are provided. The unit can also act as a MADI format converter (coaxial-to-optical or vice versa). Stereo [...]

DirectOut Technologies M.1k2 2.0


The DirectOut M.1k2 is a scalable16 port MADI router that provides a powerful routing matrix for up to 1024 x 1024 audio channels. It has two I/O slots that can be fitted with either BNC or SC optical 8 MADI port I/O modules [...]

RME M-32 DA / M-16 DA


RME's M-32 DA is a highly specified MADI/ADAT to Analogue 32-channel converter that benefits from the latest converter technology, superior analogue circuit design and RME's renowned SteadyClock™. The M-16 DA has only one 16 channel DA board fitted and its lower power consumption [...]

RME M-32 AD / M-16 AD


The  RME M-32 AD is a highly specified 32-channel Analogue to MADI/ADAT converter that benefits from the latest converter technology, superior analogue circuit design and RME’s renowned SteadyClock™. The M16-AD is the same in every respect as the M-32 AD except that it [...]

DirectOut Technologies KYRA


Audio monitoring of up to eight channels of an optical or coaxial MADI signal in a 1U unit. Analogue and AES3 outputs of the monitor mix are provided. Stereo audio monitoring unit for MADI environments Three MADI inputs – coaxial, SC optical [...]



High Performance PCIe Card triple-MADI interface with ultra-powerful DSP providing full channel management, mixing, routing and on-board digital audio effects processing, for large-scale recording, post production, broadcast and live sound  applications. AES3 I/O, analogue monitoring output and MIDI I/O are included. Connectivity: 3 MADI I/Os (2 x optical, 1 [...]