Jünger Audio Netbridge UHD


A powerful audio format converter for interfacing SDI with MADI- and Dante-based audio systems. Netbridge UHD de-embeds up to 64 channels from four 3G SDI streams or a single 4K Quad-Link HD-SDI stream, and outputs them in MADI and Dante formats. It can simultaneously [...]

Jünger Audio Netbridge MADI


A digital audio format converter for interfacing MADI and Dante streams. Netbridge MADI is fully bidirectional, and can thus simultaneously convert 128 audio channels from MADI to Dante and vice versa. Bridges between MADI and Dante AoIP digital audio infrastructures Bidirectional 128-channel format converter [...]

DirectOut Technologies SG.MADI


A bidirectional audio format converter which interfaces MADI signals with a Waves SoundGrid network. SG.MADI simplifies interfacing live broadcast or studio systems with SoundGrid-based consoles and plug-in servers. It caters for all copper and optical MADI formats and includes analogue I/O and GPIOs, making [...]

DirectOut Technologies EXBOX.MD


A compact, bidirectional Dante/MADI format converter. EXBOX.MD can simultaneously convert up to 64 channels of audio from Dante AoIP to MADI and 64 channels from MADI to Dante. AES67 is supported. Converts MADI to Dante and Dante to MADI Easily configured with Dante Controller [...]

ASL Enchorus Dante Interfaces


A range of analogue and digital I/O interfaces for use in gigabit Dante live sound systems, with powerful on-board DSP, a routing matrix and configurable mixing. The units have provision for fully redundant operation. Stage boxes (break-in/out) for [...]

DirectOut Technologies MONTONE.42


A bidirectional MADI-to-Ethernet bridge enabling audio channels to be routed as required between up to four MADI streams and two Gigabit network ports, using RAVENNA audio-over-Ethernet technology. The unit is fully compliant with AES67, making it compatible with other compliant protocols such as Dante, [...]