DirectOut Technologies ANDIAMO 2.XT

Analogue, AES and MADI A to D and D to A converter

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Project Description

DirectOut Technologies ANDIAMO 2.XT

The DirectOut ANDIAMO 2.XT is a 32 channel AES3 and MADI A to D and D to A converter that delivers exceptional sound quality. Two units may be cascaded for the conversion of 64 channels. ANDIAMO 2.XT has two MADI ports for dual or redundant MADI I/O.

Status LEDs (signal present, over, sync state) are available on the front panel for all the input and output channels.

Internal routing allows any input port to be connected to any output port with the potential for simultaneous conversion between analogue, AES and MADI.

Matrix Mode provides free signal routing on a per channel basis. The routing matrix is accessed via the ANDIAMO 2.XT remote software. Remote connection can be made by:

  • Serial control via USB
  • Serial over MADI (embedded RS-232 data)
  • MIDI over MADI (embedded MIDI data)

The ANDIAMO 2.XT may be clocked by wordclock, MADI input, AES input or internally and the selected clock is always available at the wordclock output.

Two phase redundant power supplies ensure a high level of reliability and to make the most efficient use of rack space the ANDIAMO.XT is 2RU and 25.4 cms in depth.

The ANDIAMO 2.XT may be configured at order as follows:

Version A: +06 dBu / +15 dBu = 0dBFs
Version B: +09 dBu / +18 dBu = 0dBFs
Version C: +15 dBu / +24 dBu = 0dBFs

If AES3 I/O is not required please see the ANDIAMO 2.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:-

  • ANDIAMO 2.XT MADI Ports (I/O):2x SC-Socket multi/single-mode
    or 1x SC-Socket multi/single mode & 1x coaxial BNC, 75 ohm
  • Digital (I/O):4x DSub-25 (AES3)
  • Analogue (I/O): 8x DSub-25, balanced (TASCAM pinout)
  • Analogue level (I/O) :
    • +6 dBu / +15 dBu or
    • +9 dBu / +18 dBu or
    • +15 dBu / +24 dBu


  • SNR:-115.5 dB RMS (20 Hz – 20 kHz) / -118 dB(A)
  • THD @ -1dBFS:-113 dB
  • Frequency Response:-0,15 dB (10 Hz) / -0,15 dB (20 kHz)


  • SNR:-113,5 dB RMS (20 Hz – 20 kHz) / -116,5 dB(A)
  • THD @ -1dBFS:-100 dB
  • Frequency Response:-0,5 dB (10 Hz) / -0,15 dB (20 kHz)


  • Wordclock:coaxial BNC (75 ohm termination switchable)
  • Service:USB 2.0 for firmware updates (Windows PC)
  • Sample rates:44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz (+/- 12,5%)
  • MADI formats:48k  / 96k Frame, 56 / 64 channel, S/MUX
  • Power supply:2 x 84 V to 264 V AC / 47 Hz to 63 Hz / safety class 1, phase redundant


  • Width 19” (483 mm)
  • Height 1u (44,5 mm)
  • Depth 10” (254 mm)
  • Weight: 3 kg


DirectOut ANDIAMO 2.XT and .XT SRC Brochure – PDF


DirectOut ANDIAMO 2.XT and .XT SRC Manual – PDF
DirectOut Remote DO.Net Technical Information Manual – PDF
DirectOut ANDIAMO Remote software Manual (MAC) – PDF
DirectOut USB Driver Install and firmware update Manual – PDF
DirectOut ANDIAMO Remote Software Manual – PDF

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